Ways to Give


Gifts of cash are the most popular form of giving and include donations made via credit card, check, cash, etc. These gifts are tax-deductible minus any benefits received.


Did you know that one of the Festival’s largest expenses is housing our summer musicians? If you have a home that will be empty during any part of our summer season, please consider donating it for our musicians’ use. This gift is tax-deductible, and many find it a rewarding experience to invite our musicians into their home!

Other in-kind gifts consist of professional services that would benefit the Festival and our musicians.

If you believe you have something of value to contribute in this way, please contact Anna Dobbins, Development Director, 307.732.9967 or anna@gtmf.org.


The Music Festival frequently receives gifts of stock. There are three ways to donate stock to our organization, of which option #1 is the most expedient:

  1. Electronically transfer the stock to the Festival’s trading account.
  2. Sell the stock through your broker and send the proceeds to the Festival.
  3. Mail the stock certificates directly to the Festival.

If you plan to sell the stock through your broker:

a. Have the check made out to Grand Teton Music Festival.

b. Send it to 4015 N. Lake Creek Dr. #100, Wilson, WY 83014.

If you plan to send the stock certificates by mail

a. Send the stock certificate(s) made out to the Grand Teton Music Festival by certified mail or Federal Express to:

Grand Teton Music Festival, Inc.
4015 N. Lake Creek Dr. #100
Wilson, WY 83014

b. The Festival will then get the appropriate documents signed by available Board members to facilitate sale of the stock as soon as possible and send to:

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Phone: (888) 279-5482
Attn: IST East, Team 4
1958 Summit Park Dr. #500
Orlando, FL 32810

c. Notify the Festival by fax at 307-739-9043 the day you mail the certificates. Please include donor name, type of the stock, number of shares and the value at the time of mailing.

We have standing orders at Charles Schwab to sell gifts of stock immediately. The value of your donation is based the value of your shares when they arrived at our broker (not when they are sold). GTMF pays the transaction fees.


The Festival celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2011, and we hope that with such a venerable history, you will consider investing in our future by joining our Planned Giving Program. By joining this program, you can be recognized today for the gift you will make in the future.

There are many ways to give a planned gift that include:

  1. Bequests
  2. Life Insurance
  3. Life Income Plans

If you are interested in joining our Planned Giving Program, please contact Anna Dobbins, Development Director, 307.732.9967 or anna@gtmf.org.

Your gift ensures our bright future!


The Grand Teton Music Festival accepts real estate gifts on a case by case basis. There are specific tax benefits for you, the donor, whether or not you choose to live on the property.

If you are interested in giving a gift of real estate, please contact Anna Dobbins, Development Director, 307.732.9967 or anna@gtmf.org.