Tracy Jacobson Resigns as Executive Director of GTMF – March 28, 2012

Margot Walk
GTMF Board President


Tracy Jacobson Resigns as Executive Director of Grand Teton Music Festival

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – March 28, 2012 – Grand Teton Music Festival has accepted the resignation of Tracy Jacobson as Executive Director. “After many years of service to Grand Teton Music Festival,” she said, “I have decided to make a change in my career.”

“Tracy was being modest,” said Board President Margot Walk. “More than working for the Festival, Tracy dedicated herself to the Festival for 26 years – six of them as Executive Director. The legacy of her accomplishments will enrich the Festival for many years to come.”

She leaves on a high note, after overseeing the Festival’s 50th anniversary celebration last summer. The season began with a sold-out Gala and ended by setting records in attendance, ticket sales and contributions. In the fall, she celebrated the triumphant completion of a capital campaign for musician housing and facilities that she had named “Home on the Range.” As a result of that campaign, the Festival already co-owns 20 units with the Shooting Star development in Teton Village. It has received approval for a Festival Headquarters building in the Village. Tracy ably represented the Festival in conceiving and executing plans for these building projects.

Home on the Range was Tracy’s third successful capital campaign for the Festival. The first was the Endowment Fund campaign. The second was the Hall Preservation campaign. The Festival had long wanted to say to the community: We’re here all year! The transformed concert hall that opened in 2007 has been the year-round facility that enabled the festival to fulfill that mission. Tracy resourcefully has overseen expansion of the Festival’s music education programs, opening the concert hall to the Community Band and other local musical groups, and broadcast of 10 operas from the Metropolitan Opera each winter.

For the first 10 years of the Jackson Hole Wine Auction, Tracy was the person on staff responsible for an event that is one of the Music Festival’s financial anchors.

The Festival gives Tracy a great deal of credit for the financial stability it has achieved. She possessed the discipline and attention to detail to craft workable budgets and then meet them.

Subsequent to the acceptance of Tracy’s resignation, the Festival appointed Steve Friedlander, Director of Artistic Operations, to the additional position of Acting Executive Director. “I have enjoyed working with Tracy,” he said, “and have tremendous respect for her and her accomplishments. I appreciate her guidance and support during this period of transition.” For her part, Tracy said, “I look forward to supporting the Music Festival for a long time to come.” “She thrives on challenges,” said President Margot Walk. “The Music Festival wishes her well, and we will miss her.”

Mike Swanson
Co-Director of Marketing

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